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hg18 chr9:21,760,619-22,123,083  'RRC'  created: RRCHILCOTE 03:03, 19 November 2009 (UTC)

This long segment shows the overlap between the CDKN2BS gene, described as on the antisense strand, with the Carson gene covered in the unpublished cosmid by Olopade. They are both in the same direction, that is antisense. I first blatted the sequence given by Carson, then found it matched on both the positive and negative strands. This is the negative (antisense) strand. It is locus AF109294 as 942 bp, the hypotheical MTAP fusion protein, mRA comple cds. Schmid is the first author in the Carson paper. Why don't they quote that. Says "unpublished". The Olopade Sveen cosmid was not published either. Who should I quote; ask Olopade for the sequence....