Known genes III

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The UCSC Known Genes track tries to gather together information from many sources into a nonredundant unified view of all genes for which there is solid evidence. The Known Genes track has been through a number of iterations:

  • Known Genes 0 - Mapping of RefSeq mRNAs to the genome
  • Known Genes 1 - UniProt driven. Find RNA corresponding to protien. Map that. Add in DNA based RefSeqs
  • Known Genes 2 - Similar to Known Genes 1, but weeding out mappings that produce, after mapping, bad proteins due to insertions, deletions, and truncations, etc.
    • With Known Genes 3 we want to restore many of the mappings thrown out in Known Genes 2, fixing them when possible, and marking them as uncertain where a fix is not possible. We also want to design a process that will include noncoding genes, such as Xist and Har1, in the known genes set.