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Welcome to the UCSC Genome Browser Wiki Site

This wiki site provides a forum for sharing information about the UCSC Genome Browser, a Web-based tool that provides a fast, easy way to display a specific region of a genome assembly, along with dozens of aligned annotation tracks. The browser features data from a large collection of vertebrates, model organisms, and selected invertebrate genomes.

In addition to offering general information about the browser on this site, we'd also like to share tips and tricks for more advanced users, information for mirror sites and developers, and discussions of the underlying data sets and experimental protocols. Please feel free to use this wiki to organize your collaborations and exchange ideas about Genome Browser usage. Our intent is to develop a collection of interesting projects and a store of information useful to a variety of audiences.

Before editing this wiki, please create an account by clicking on the "Log in/create account" link at the top of the page. For information about editing wiki pages, see also the Help:Contents link for specific information about this wiki, or for a more extensive discussion of page editing, the Wikipedia guidelines on How to edit a page. For navigation and organization assistance within this Wiki, use the Categories link in the navigation panel on the left.


Genome Browser in a Box (GBiB)

Genome Biology

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Administrative Information

You must log in and confirm your email address to edit pages. To create an account, click the "Log in/create account" link at the top of the page, then confirm your email address via the "Preferences" link. Please note: all content you create in genomewiki is public content and cannot be removed since it is always in the history of a page even if it is deleted after creation.

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