Opsin evolution: update blog

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This cluster of web articles on opsin evolution is updated almost daily. Because those changes are hard to track systematically, this simple blog of significant changes may be helpful.

28 Nov 07: added Xenoturbella and Convoluta section to basal key critters, no opsins available
28 Nov 07: upgraded key critters with treatment of Saccoglossus
28 Nov 07: found first hemichordate opsin, put methods into detailed tutorial
28 Nov 07: received copywrite permissions for use of handdrawn invertebrate eyes illustrations
28 Nov 07: added jump navigation to key critters as article is getting fairly long

27 Nov 07: added scallop Go opsins from an important historic study
27 Nov 07: reorganized curated sequences into deuterostome, ecdysozoa, and lophotrochozoa blocks sorted by receptor type.