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Test Balloon Tool Tip pop up Extension

<balloon title="Hello I am a Wiki tooltip!" style="color:blue"> Mouse over this text to see tooltip. </balloon>

<balloon title="load:myWikiContent" style="float:right;background:yellow"> Formatted balloon content via load:myContent </balloon>

<balloon title="load:myImage"> Balloon pop up image via load:myImage </balloon>

<balloon hover="Your are hovering. I said click me!" title="I am a sticky toolTip" click="1" style="float:right color:red"> Click me! </balloon>

<balloon hover="load:myImage" title="load:myImage" click="1"> Click to make pop up image stay visible </balloon>

<balloon link="" title="Click this link text for a Google search"> This link will go immediately to a google search </balloon>

This extension was fetched from [mediawiki:Extension:Balloons]