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See also: Science and Justice at UCSC.

  • Share and share alike: deciding how to distribute the scientific and social benefits of genomic data, Morris W. Foster and Richard R. Sharp Nature Reviews Genetics 2007-08
  • Identifiability in Genomic Research, William W. Lowrance and Francis S. Collins Science 2007-08
  • Childhood Origins of Adult Resistance to Science, Paul Bloom and Deena Skolnick Weisberg Science 2007-05-18
  • Studies of published research indicate that many results arefound to be false: Dirty Little Secret Seed Magazine 2007-05 and Why Most Published Research Findings Are False PLOS

External References

  • "The Project on Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy examines the nature of science and how it is used and misused in government decision-making and legal proceedings. Through empirical research, conversations among scholars, and publications, SKAPP aims to enhance understanding of how knowledge is generated and interpreted. SKAPP promotes transparent decision-making, based on the best available science, to protect public health."
  • Emory-Tibet Science Initiative ... an historic initiative to develop and implement a comprehensive science education curriculum for Tibetan monastics.