Hg19 phyloP histograms

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Histogram data for phyloP data on the 46-way conservation track on the human genome browser, hg19
each of these data tables have 2,845,303,719 data values

phyloP Histogram, all 46 vertebrates

all 46 species data statistics: minimum: -14.08, maximum: 6.424, mean: 0.0896, standard deviation: 0.833186

phyloP Histogram, placental mammal subset

placental mammal subset data statistics: minimum: -13.796, maximum: 2.941, mean: 0.03594, standard deviation: 0.779426

phyloP Histogram, primate subset

primate subset data statistics: minimum: -9.065, maximum: 0.655, mean: 0.04482, standard deviation: 0.600051