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As of 09-19-2007, the following trackDb settings were in use on the public site:

autoScaleDefault Off

autoTranslate 0

baseColorDefault diffCodons

baseColorDefault genomicCodons

baseColorUseCds genbank

baseColorUseCds given

baseColorUseSequence genbank

blastRef dm1.blastFBRef00

blastRef dm2.blastFBRef01

blastRef hg16.blastKGRef00

blastRef hg17.blastKGRef01

blastRef hg18.blastKGRef04

blastRef sacCer1.blastSGRef00

cdsDrawDefault genomic codons

cdsDrawOptions enabled

colorChromDefault off

compositeTrack on

defaultViewLimits 30:70

directUrl /cgi-bin/hgGene?hgg_gene=%s&hgg_chrom=%s&hgg_start=%d&hgg_end=%d&hgg_type=%s&db=%s

exonArrows off

exonArrows on

frames multiz7wayFrames

graphTypeDefault Bar

gridDefault OFF

hgGene on

hgsid on

idInUrlSql select name from sibTxGraph where id=%s

idXref kgAlias kgID alias

idXref refLink mrnaAcc name

indelDoubleInsert on

indelPolyA on

indelQueryInsert on

intronGap 30

irows on

itemAttrTbl transMapAncMRnaAttr

itemAttrTbl transMapAncRefAttr

itemAttrTbl transMapMRnaAttr

itemAttrTbl transMapRefAttr

matrix 16 91,-114,-31,-123,-114,100,-125,-31,-31,-125,100,-114,-123,-31,-114,91

matrix 16 91,-90,-25,-100,-90,100,-100,-25,-25,-100,100,-90,-100,-25,-90,91

matrixHeader A, C, G, T

maxHeightPixels 100:40:11

maxHeightPixels 128:36:16

maxItems 300

noInherit on

noScoreFilter .

otherDb anoCar1

[multiple otherDbs deleted]

otherDb xenTro2

pairwiseHeight 12

pred dm1.blastFBPep00

pred dm2.blastFBPep01

pred hg16.blastKGPep00

pred hg17.blastKGPep01

pred hg18.blastKGPep04

pred sacCer1.blastSGPep00

sGroup_bird galGal2

sGroup_fish danRer4

sGroup_mammal monDom4 hg18 mm8 rn4

scoreMax 1000

scoreMin 500

showDiffBasesAllScales .

showTopScorers 200

spanList 1

spanList 1,1024

spanList 5

speciesCodonDefault xenTro2

speciesDefaultOff rn4

speciesGroups bird mammal fish

subTrack transMap

subTrack transMap off

subTrack transMapAnc

subTrack transMapAnc off

summary multiz7waySummary

treeImage phylo/xenTro2_7way.gif

urlLabel SIB link:

urlLabel miRBase:

visibililty pack

wiggle phastCons7way

windowingFunction Mean

yLineOnOff Off