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I've been a genome browser software developer at UCSC since April 2003. Before that, I worked in the software industry for several decades, working primarily in scientific and technical applications areas. It's great to be able to apply my Unix/C/programming expertise to my favorite application area -- Human Biology (which was actually my major in college). Unfortunately, we didn't have introns then... Kate Rosenbloom

Current Projects

  • Multiple alignment of 28 vertebrate species
  • ENCODE at UCSC – I'm the UCSC staff point-person for the ENCODE Project
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  • MAF custom track implementation
  • Browser work for NHGRI Tumor Sequencing Project
  • Comparative genomics track enhancements – alternate conservation scores, chain/net mega-tracks
  • Composite track features – multiple configuration panels for mixed-types

Past Projects

  • Chimpanzee genome browsers
  • Custom tracks management interface (hgCustom)
  • Composite track implementation
  • Multiple alignments and conservation scoring
  • ENCODE orthologous region sequences
  • Coordinate conversion web utility (hgLiftOver)
  • Conservation track display
  • Fugu genome browser