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This page contains links related to the UCSC Genome Browser poster presented by Angie at the 12th International Meeting on Human Genome Variation and Complex Genome Analysis, Sep. 8-10, 2011 (HGV2011 http://www.hgvmeeting.org/hgv2011/)

UCSC Genome Browser poster

View poster screenshots in the Genome Browser

I made these sessions in a very wide web browser window; if they are too wide for your window, try clicking the "resize" button below the track image.

Other links

Other posters about the UCSC Genome Browser

  • UCSC Genome Browser Data Hubs. Zweig AS et al. Biology of Genomes, 2011 PDF
  • Genome-wide ENCODE Data at UCSC. Rosenbloom KR et al. ASHG, 2010. PPT
  • UCSC Genome Browser Tool Suite. Hinrichs AS et al. Genomics of Common Disease, 2008: .ppt, PDF