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Hi! I'm one of the Genome Browser developers, and have been on the staff since May 2002 so I've seen quite a lot of growth in our site's offerings and in the group. My main responsibilities fall into three categories:

  • Adding databases and tracks to the Genome Browser
  • Fixing bugs and adding new features to the Genome Browser, Table Browser and other site tools
  • Assisting the genome list moms in answering users' questions

Some things I'm working on at the moment:

  • Adding recognition of genomewiki identities to our CGIs, so that identified users can save their settings into named sessions, share those sessions with other users, etc.
  • xenTro2 browser database

Some things I expect to work on in the near future:

  • Table browser feature requests, starting with paste/upload of genomic regions
  • galGal3 (when it's released)
  • IGTC track (waiting for data)
  • automation of stable track build processes

Some background tasks that are always ongoing:

  • Nightly cron system checks: source build, coordinate checks on new tables, update of tableDescriptions tables, hgFindSpec termRegex checks, /gbdb and /usr/local/apache/htdocs link integrity
  • Code cleanup: currently finding -Wall warnings and cleaning up at the rate of about one program per day
  • Consulting for QA, researchers and other developers

Some past projects:

  • hgFindSpec: specification of position searches in trackDb.ra files
  • hgText rewrite (before Jim rewrote it again into hgTables) to support intersection and new table types
  • hgTables: bedGraph treated as wiggle; subtrack merge
  • automation of our blastz/chain/net pairwise alignment process
  • addition of clade categorization to central database, hgGateway & hgTables
  • many browser databases, including rn4, galGal*, canFam*, all drosophilae; parts of many other databases
  • 2006 NAR Database Issue update paper about the Genome Browser database
  • helped with the ENCODE track-loading bonanza of 2005, attended analysis meeting and assisted researchers with browser usage
  • Genome Browser & Table Browser tutorial at CSHL Chicken Genomics meeting, 2005